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  1. Company Information:
Name of the Company I Sewa Pvt. Ltd.
आइ सेवा प्रा. लि.
Address Bagbazar -31, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone +977 1 42 42 644 / +977 1 42 52 888
Email info@isewa.com.np
Website www.isewa.com.np
P. O. Box No. 23664
Year of Establishment  2012 A.D.
  1. Registration Details:
Year of Registration Registration Number PAN/VAT Number District of Registration
Company Registrar’s Office 2012


93858/068/069 600629263 Kathmandu

III. Structure of the Companyntroduction Mission, Vision and Objectives


I Sewa Private Limited was established in June, 2012 and is registered at the Company Registrar’s Office in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. The Company focuses trainings, study, research, Software Development, Web Consultancy, Web Hosting and Domain Registration, Electrical and Electronics Device Sales and Repair, Laptop Sales and Repair.

This company is led by a team of professionals who are expert in different areas of development and education. The overarching objective of this institute is to share experiences, train people and fill in the gaps that exeunt in this area. It also aims to provide necessary skills to the young college graduates who aspire to work in the development sector. The company will also look for innovative way of result oriented achievement of development through training, study, development, research and consultancy.



The vision of this company is to make skillful and capable youths and develop better software helpful for general people.


  • To provide IT training and IT consultancy to different sectors.
  • To develop and publish Web Software useful for Government, all types of businesses and individuals.
  • To provide Web Hosting and Domain Registration Services for Top Level Domains and to provide assistantship in registering ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).
  • To provide SEM (Search Engine Marketing) service to related sectors.
  • To provide Laptop Sales and Repair Service.
  • To provide Sales and Repair Services for all types of Electrical and Electronics Devices along with Office Automation Equipments like Attendance Machine, Barcode Machine, CC Camera etc.
  • To provide exclusive Annual Service Contract to major business sectors regarding Web Maintenance & Support and Laptop Maintenance & Support.



The mission is that it will endeavor to provide most efficient manpower required in the development sectors. It also plans to carry to in-depth study, policy making, research and consultancy working together with Gov/N, NGOs, and INGOs, other multilateral, and bilateral donors for valuable means of development in different parts of Nepal.

  1. Area of Operations
Regions 5
Zones 14
Districts 75
Rest of the World
Provide Web Related Services and sell Software Products.
  1. Sectors: Training, Development, Web Services, Study, Research and Consultancy
Website Web Application Education
Hardware Software SEO
SMM SEM E-Commerce


VII. Targeted Beneficiaries

Government NGOs INGOs
Local Businesses Multi National Businesses Celebrities
National Figures Politicians Students
National Individuals Foreign Individuals Technicians


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