Facebook Advertisement (Boost)

Online Ad or Paper Ad?

facebook_adsA serious question that arises today in every businessman’s mind. An investment for advertisement should reach the target audience but are you sure your Ad. on Paper medium reaches your target audience? What about Investment and Return Ratio?

Almost everyone is online today and almost everyone is swiping their fingers on Facebook streams.

If you want your business to reach your potential customers and not others, there is no other than Facebook Advertisement option that gives you more than 100% satisfaction and delight. Don’t you want to know to whom and when your advertisement reached? How did they respond to your Ad?


We have answers for each of your question. Facebook Advertisement is one of the most transparent Advertisement Campaign to date. You can see and know where each and every rupee of your investment go and how is the impact of the investment.

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement

  • You can choose your own budget
  • You can choose the advertisement schedule
  • You can choose the age group of Facebook users to whom you want to display your Ad.
  • You can choose the interest group of Facebook users.
  • You can choose the geographical location to display your Ad. For example, you can choose you Ad. to show on Whole Nepal, Only Kathmandu, Only Bagmati zone or only Asia or Worldwide etc…
  • You can target your Ad. to the device of your choice. For example, show your Ads on Mobile, Laptop or both.
  • Get reports for every filter you set.

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