Types of Website

Websites are not alike. Website and its features depends upon budget and requirements.

1. Professional Website

Small to Large company may build such professional Website. Such websites may have the following features:

  • A nice Home Page i.e. First Page or also called Landing Page.
  • A nice Slider of good images related to the business.
  • A separate Contact Page.
  • An About Us page.
  • An Our Services / Our Products Page.
  • A Photo Gallery Page.
  • An Events and News Section.
  • A Notice Scroller.
  • A Contact Us form.
  • A Map Section.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • A Blog Page.
  • Client himself/herself should be able to manage content on the website so called CMS (Content Management System).

2. Booking Website

A booking website has all features of a simple website plus the following:

  • A broad selection of products and/or services.
  • A Search with Filter technology.
  • A provision for visitors to book for specific service or product item.
  • A provision for visitors to contact the seller or agent live. (Live Chat)

3. E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce Website has all features of a Booking Website plus the following:

  • Provision to Select and Book Products with related images and videos like eBay.com
  • Provision to pay for products and/or services via different payment methods like eSewa, PayPal, Credit Cards etc…
  • Might have multiple domains and might incorporate SSL service for security of its transactions.
  • Might need additional dedicated IP Address for high volume transactions.
  • Provision for saving items for future references.